FREDS BREAD Our Family Makes Great Bread
Crispy, crunchy, goodness: they are good. Good to eat, deliciously good for you. Joystyxs are made with simple, natural ingredients, whole grain and untreated flours, no trans-fats, no additives or preservatives, ever. Serving Hint: children adore them!

Olive Oil Sea Salt

Red Fife Whole Wheat

White Cheddar

The original joystyxs made for and enjoyed in restaurants and hotels since 2002. We started serving them at home and taking them to parties, everyone kept asking where they could buy them....

The olive oil and see salt joystyxs should make it onto every cheese or charcuterie plate you serve.

We can't wait to try them with our first apres ski cheese fondue this winter!
To celebrate Fred's Bread's 15th anniversary we had Ontario Heritage Red Fife Whole Wheat grown exclusively for us on a farm near Sunderland, Ontario, then,stone-ground by Grainpro in Scarborough. Red Fife joystyxs were the obvious next creation. These styxs have the nutty sweetness of Red Fife wheat added to their profile. They are terrific dipped into white bean puree, munched with a crisp apple, roasted hazelnuts and a slice of Oka, or on the side of a bowl of roasted cauliflower soup with a hunk of blue cheese.
Can you tell we love cheese? One of our most popular artisan loaves, "Toronto's Best Cheddar Cheese Bread" informed the recipe for these joystyxs. We use the best Ontario Extra Old White cheddar we can find, and the flavour really shines. Munch them with a glass of red, try dunking them in a bowl of our roasted tomato soup, they would be perfect next to a frisee salad with lardons and poached egg. Want to make your children happy? - Add White Cheddar Joystyxs to their lunch box everyday!



Joystyxs are made with:
  • local ingredients

  • Ontario Extra Old White Cheddar

  • Ontario Red Fife Heritage Whole Wheat grown and stone-ground exclusively for Fred's Bread

  • baked from scratch

  • simple, all natural ingredients

  • low in fat

  • no trans fats

  • no additives or preservatives, ever